Art for the Journey supporting the Arts


LtoR George Wigginton IV-Jamie Wigginton-Cindy Paulin-Mark Paulin.JPGGuests of Art for the Journey Board member, Dr. William Frable,  George and Jamie Wigginton, and Mark and Cindy Paullin, (all volunteers for Art for the Journey), enjoyed the Virginia Opera’s Wild Night Gala in May of 2017.  We believe the Arts, in all forms, inspire, connect, engage, and delight people in a positive and extraordinary way.  It is a pleasure to support the Arts by attending marvelous performances of the Virginia Opera, and the Richmond Symphony, and the Richmond Ballet, as well as fantastic and wonderful exhibits and lectures at the VMFA, and the many Richmond Art Galleries like Crossroads Art Gallery, Artworks, and Plant Zero, and much more.  We are so very blessed with many opportunities for engagement in the Arts, and believe the overall result contributes to healing and wellbeing for people and the community at large.

The Virginia Opera is gearing up for an exciting season, check it out!:



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