2015 Annual Report

2015 Program Accomplishments

  • Provided 165 workshop events in its programs representing 1198 service hours to 70 unduplicated participants. Service hours include the hours of all staff and volunteers who participated.  Written evaluations of all programs are now taking place.
  • Programs included:
    1. Twice monthly art classes at the Women’s Correctional Institution in Goochland, Va
    2. Weekly art classes at Lakeside Center, a psychosocial day program for seriously mentally ill adults
    3. Weekly art classes for children at The Carmel School in Ruther Glen, VA,
    4. Two weekly studio classes for adults
    5. A week-long summer art workshop for children at Independence Golf Club in Midlothian, VA
  • Certified three staff/volunteers in conducting Opening Minds Through Art (OMA), a national best practice for engaging assisted living patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Set up the first OMA program for implementation in March 2016.

2015 Organizational Accomplishments

  • On April 1, Mark Hierholzer was hired as an employee in the role of President/CEO, with responsibility for administration and management of Art for The Journey.
  • Began development of a full set of operational, fiscal and HR policies.
  • Opened an agency bank account with Wells Fargo and online bill-payment set up.  Set up an accounting system was set up in Quickbooks with a volunteer accountant.
  • Engaged a total of 19 volunteers, including five board members.
  • Hired a half-time Volunteer Coordinator on December 31st and implemented a formal volunteer engagement program.
  • Using volunteers, Art for The Journey set up a web page (artforthejourney.org) with the capacity to take donations, and set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account. We set up an account with GiveRichmond and participated in the Amazing Raise.
  • We conducted one volunteer reception at the Independence Studio in the Fall of 2015.
  • Set up partnerships with the Mattie Arts Center in Swan Quarter, NC, the Crossroads Art Center in Richmond and the For Children Foundation at Independence Golf Club in Midlothian.
  • Various flyers and brochures were developed for specific events.
  • Opened a second studio location at the Independence Golf Club in Midlothian, VA in April.
  • In December 2015 AFJ purchased a 12-passenger van, which is used to transport equipment, staff and volunteers to program locations.
  • An operating budget of $135,800 for 2016 was submitted and approved by the board in December.
  • The “founding board” was reconfigured into a governing board. We plan to add one to two more board members in 2016.

2015 Fundraising Accomplishments

  • Raised a total of $88,667 in 2015. Of this, $40,000 was a grant from the Mary Morton Parson’s Foundation for the purchase of a van and startup art supplies for new programs in 2016.
  • Received pledges totaling $70,000 in 2015 for the 2016 budget.
  • Received $7,775 through The Amazing Raise.

2015 Financials

2015 Financial Statement
 Total Income $107,106
 Total Expenses $60,249
 Total Savings $550
 Cash Balance $46,307
Item Amount
Public Support $88,666.50
Program Income $17,372.00
Other $1,067.31
Item Amount
Bank Fees $466.65
Business Expenses $56.95
Contract Services $3,604.32
Facilities and Equip. $8,233.01
Operations $5,349.58
Payroll $40,082.96
Professional Membership $300.00
Travel and Meetings $1,500.00
Miscellaneous $655.78

2015 Donors


  • Claiborne Robins, Jr.
  • Carlton (Buddy) Wilton, Jr.
  • Wally Stettinius
  • Bryce Powell
  • Anonymous
  • Mark and Kathy Hierholzer
  • Erin and David Wickersham
  • Susan J. O’Neal
  • Bill Fochay
  • Mark and Cindy Paullin
  • Jamie and George Wigginton
  • Angela Wright
  • Brighid and Jason Bishop
  • Lisa and EV Clarke
  • Steve Sawyer
  • Theresa Halpin
  • Shelly Costello
  • Roberta Keller
  • Lauren Patton
  • Alyce Klussman


  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church
  • HOPE Thrift
  • St. Matthias Episcopal Church


  • Mary Morton Parsons Foundation
  • Flashpoint Fund
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