Mark Hierholzer, Colorist

Mark Hierholzer, Colorist

SarahRidingMH copy
“Sarah Riding” – Oil on Canvas

AtTheBeachMH copy
“At the Beach” – Oil on Canvas

EveningDepartureoftheSecretWomanMH copy
“Shrimp Boat” – Oil on Canvas

From childhood, Mark Hierholzer has had an interest in drawing and developed a portfolio of pencil and charcoal drawings from life by the time he was twelve.

Thirteen years ago Hierholzer began oil painting and is a passionate and active impressionist oil painter. His subjects span a broad area of interests including figure painting, architecture, still life, landscapes and seascapes, with a special interest in fishing boats and water scenes.

Hierholzer has lived in Richmond, Virginia, for 30 years and spends much of his “art time” at a second studio along the inner banks of North Carolina in Swan Quarter, a small fishing village that sits on Pamlico Sound ( Swan Quarter is surrounded by protected wildlife refuges like Lake Mattamuskeet ( and pristine wetlands, and offers an endless array of stunning plein air landscape painting opportunities.

In his art he reflects the work of both local and national artists with whom he has studied, including Portrait and Landscape Artist David Tanner, Portrait and Landscape Artist John Silver, Impressionist Portrait and Landscape Artist Frederick Guess and Impressionist Landscape and Portrait painters John Ebersberger and Camille Przewodek.

Hierholzer is a student of the work and artistic approach of Claude Monet and the French Impressionists as taught by American Impressionists Charles Hawthorne and Henry Hensche through the Cape School of Art in Provincetown, MA. Currently, Hierholzer teaches studio classes and workshops in Richmond at his studio and at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art Studio School. In 2014 he co-founded Art for The Journey, a nonprofit with a mission to support the healing and emotional health of children and adults through artistic expression. Art for The Journey’s studio is located at Independence Golf Club in Midlothian.

Member the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, the Metro Richmond Artists Association, The Uptown Gallery and the North Carolina Arts Council. 

Visit him on Facebook and Twitter @mhierholzer.

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