Theresa A. Halpin


Exhibit at UNOS Art Gallery, Summer 2016

Theresa has long been involved in art, with her earliest memory of art classes at 12 years old at the Moore College of Arts Saturday Program in Philadelphia. She continued her involvement in art even as she pursued a business degree in college, taking art classes at various Philadelphia area art schools or continuing education programs. While attending Drexel University, Theresa took a design class which happened to be her all-time favorite class. In retrospect, although studying art may have been evident instead she studied marketing and business. 

After working for a number of years in Philadelphia in marketing, communications, project management and web design she moved to Richmond in 2011. Currently, her day job involves managing a web development team.

With several family members expressing a gift for the creative arts, Theresa grew as a painter, with a special interest in watercolor.  That changed in 2014 when she attended the Nimrod Hall Summer Arts Program in Millboro, VA. The weeklong camp opened her eyes to oil painting and gave her the opportunity to meet a number of talented working artists and teachers. When she finished art camp, she started weekly painting classes with Art for the Journey’s Mark Hierholzer. His colorist approach to impressionist painting has been a great learning experience.

The techniques practiced in class are based exclusively on palette knife painting and Theresa describes the classes as being “filled with an amazing, generous community of artists. “I have a great opportunity to use my professional skills to help Art for the Journey with their website and marketing efforts. Art for the Journey is an wonderful organization that is bringing art to various communities in the Richmond area.”

“I am wholeheartedly hooked again on painting and art. I try to make time each week, outside of class, to paint, discuss, read about, or view art. I have a great deal to learn to refine my style but I am finally beginning to see a style emerging. To me, that is a great accomplishment.”

Visual Arts Center of Richmond, Color Theory, Tommy Van Auken
Nimrod Summer Arts Program 2015 (with Jessie Coles) and June 2016 (with Andras Bality)
Crossroads Art Center, Swimming in Paint series (with Chuck Larivey)

Professional Affiliations
Board member, Richmond User Experience

Theresa has always been an active volunteer in community efforts with a current focus on community gardening and the arts community. When Theresa moved to Richmond in 2011, she initially volunteered with Art 180 for several activities, however became involved in other events that took her focus away from that organization. Recently, Theresa joined Art for the Journey’s communication and development committee and is focusing on guiding website development and contributing to program idea generation.

Artist Volunteer, Art for the Journey, website and communications support

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