Our Mission

Transforming Lives Through Art and Community

Creating art in an atmosphere of personal engagement and celebration can enhance well-being, promote healing, and even transform lives. We transform lives through art and community.

Our Programs

Art-Making as Friendship & Celebration

Our array of programs offer safe and encouraging spaces for self expression and discovery. We teach the "art" of art-making with personal engagement and confidence in each person's inner artist.

Opening Minds through Art (OMA) is an award-winning, evidence-based, intergenerational art-making program for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of neurocognitive disorders. Its failure-free program provides opportunities for creative self-expression and social engagement for people with dementia. This year, we're taking it virtual.

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At Virginia Correctional Center for Women, art classes have restored a sense of humanity and hope. In an otherwise harsh environment, the atmosphere of the art studio is characterized by person-centered engagement, positive support and awareness of the deeper emotional and psychological benefits of creativity.

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Lovingly called OMA, this program trains young adult volunteers to work one-on-one with older adults who have neurocognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Engaging in a step-by-step abstract art project, the seniors find a way to express themselves in a supportive and empowering environment. The experience allows participants to “come out from behind” their disease and show the next generation the importance and value of generosity, patience, and living in the moment.

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We offer a relaxed space where medical students can take a break from tests and grades and, through the creative process, experience the unique sense of well-being that painting can offer. These future doctors are learning a non-pharmacological approach to something they may “prescribe” to future patients, and even use themselves.

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Creating art can be a powerful experience for veterans who battle PTSD and other combat-related illnesses. We seek to honor these men and women by offering them a range of art projects, from abstract painting to collaged "journey boxes." In response, these veterans have testified to a renewed sense of well-being and healing as they immerse themselves in the art-making process.

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Once a week, Art for the Journey animates the art room at Anna Julia Cooper School in Richmond's East End, believing that creativity can help open the door to a promising future. Throughout the school year, the 4th - 8th grade students learn visual literacy, media techniques, and creative expression, all within a context of nurturing engagement.

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Our Impact

Sharing the Joy & Transforming Lives

We're changemakers, confidence boosters and creative healers touching lives through artistic experiences; our reward is watching participants bloom. We witness individuals finding their creative spirit, starting down the path toward positivity and painting their own brighter future.

Journal & Events

We are Active Artists

Keep up with news, events, new programs on the horizon and learn how we're helping individuals and the community embrace the healing impact of art.