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Our fifth annual gala event is coming soon! We could not be more excited about this art-filled, gorgeous fundraising event that helps us to bring projects and connection to the community and transform lives through art! Stories, music, food, wine, and (of course) art will be featured all around our safeguarded event.

Speaking of safeguarding, we want to share with you how we are ensuring your safety at our beautiful gala. With online purchases of tickets and art, limited ticket availability, and guided pathways throughout the premier venue, social distancing measures are implemented throughout. Masks are requested, and will have our Art for the Journey "HeArt" masks for sale.

Text ARTCelebration to 76278 to register with our ArtCelebration.GiveSmart registration site.

Text ARTCelebration to 76278 to register with our ArtCelebration.GiveSmart website, which allows you to purchase tickets, art, t-shirts, masks, and to make a donation! Electing to add your credit card information will make the purchasing process seamless for you, and will increase your safety by allowing you to make purchases while being socially distant. If you do not plan to attend the event in person, you can still purchase art! The art will go live on November 12th at 5:30p.m. and remain on the site for sale for two weeks after the live event. If you are not planning to attend the event in person, you can register on the ArtCelebration site and make purchases right from your home! We do hope you will join us on November 12, as the event will be held in a the Country Club of Virginia - Westhampton location on Saint Andrews Ln. Besides the gorgeous venue, wonderful music, delicious food and wine, you will see an amazing array of beautiful paintings by talented area artists, all who want to help transform lives through art.

You can also purchase your ticket and view the art that will be available by visiting our GiveSmart Page here if the text option is difficult. However, we do recommend texting ARTCelebration to 76278 to purchase tickets and register your payment information. This way your phone is automatically and conveniently linked to the ArtCelebration website, can be easily set up for completing purchases at the event, and will receive important text updates leading up to and during the event. Hope you to see you there!

If you have any questions, concerns, or difficulties in purchasing a ticket, registering for the event, or setting up your payment information, please feel free to contact Melba Gibbs at .