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The gala celebration was a beacon of joy amidst strange times. In a single night, the AFJ community helped to raise nearly sixty thousand dollars towards helping others overcome barriers through art. With the sale of 81 paintings and 150 tickets, the event netted just under $60,000. The generosity exceeded any year prior, and this despite the collective challenges the community has faced in 2020. We are humbled and grateful to our community who is committed to bringing hope to those who need it most in times like these.

Over the last several months, small businesses and non-profits like Art for the Journey have readapted to an entirely new, socially distant, and largely virtual way of delivering services. Community members--especially those that we work with here at Art for the Journey--have faced difficulties with their health, employment, finances, and social interconnectedness. We are humbled to know that even in darkness, our community finds a way to cultivate hope. We are renewed with inspiration and gratitude for our community that made the 5th Annual Art Exhibition and Celebration an incredible success.

Even in darkness, our community finds a way to cultivate hope.

The exhibition was safeguarded and beautiful, providing a sense of community amidst socially distant times. Donated art from talented artists in our Virginia community was displayed throughout the venue. Skillful musicians serenaded the attendees as they perused the art and conversed through their Art for the Journey masks. A quiet outdoor patio was complete with a bar area. The event was nothing short of pleasant, gorgeous, and hopeful.

The art was stunning to see in person, but it also appeared online for purchase, making it possible for people to buy art from the comfort of their homes.

The event would not have been possible without the artists, the sponsors, and the gracious venue hosts. We are thankful for their teamwork and contributions! It is through the strength of our AFJ community that we are able to give back to our greater Richmond community--to seniors, veterans, women in prison, and children. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm and delight during such challenging and unusual times.

But the work is far from finished. You can continue this journey with us by giving a donation of any amount through the form below.