Beyond teaching art techniques and supplying craft materials, we offer safe creative space for individuals to learn and express themselves.

Art for the Journey was born in a studio: people simply enjoying the camaraderie, creative energy, and the respite it provided. We believe everyone benefits from making art, which is why we provide quality art classes for anyone seeking to try something new, improve their skills, or perhaps find some therapy of their own. All instructors are professional artists, experts in their media and deeply vested in the personal and artistic success of their students, regardless their level.

Art classes are available on occasion in the Art for the Journey Studio at 825 Grove Road, Midlothian, VA. 23114
Follow the Art for the Journey newsletter to learn of art class opportunities.

Attention Area Art instructors: Our space can be rented for small art class groups. Contact Cindy Paullin at for more information.

Impressionist Oil Painting Classes
Instructor: Mark Hierholzer, voted “The Best Art Instructor for Adults” in 2017 by Richmond Magazine

Description: Painting isn’t just about creating art. It is refreshment. It restores balance in life. In his classes, Colorist Mark Hierholzer teaches impressionist oil painting to both beginning and experienced artists in an atmosphere that is relaxed, engaging, fun, and individualized. Once you purchase a six-week session those weeks are yours until you use them. If there is a break in your attendance you simply pick up where you left off when you come again.

Class on hiatus until further notice.

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