Beyond teaching art techniques and supplying craft materials, we offer safe creative space for individuals to learn and express themselves.

Postcards help us stay connected when we’re not together. In this tender time, while we care for each other by staying apart, Art for the Journey invites our community (that’s you!) to connect and unite by creating bite-sized artwork from home, and sending it to us as a postcard!

Anyone, anywhere can submit a postcard — after all, we believe that everyone is an artist — and anything goes: use your favorite medium, or explore something new! If you can make it and mail it, we’re excited to receive it.

Mail your 4"x6" artwork to:

Art for the Journey
PO Box 17948
Richmond, VA 23226

Postage is 35 cents — no envelope necessary!

Here are a few prompts you can choose from, or you can take it in your own direction!

1) Illustrate a verse, quote, lyric, or mantra that keeps you going.
2) Make art about the people you have been quarantined with, and what you've done together.
3) Illustrate something that gives you comfort in times of fear and anxiety.
4) Create art about something you're newly grateful for, or noticed in a new way.
5) Illustrate a place you are excited to see again, or an activity you can't wait to do again.

For more prompts, information, and to see our growing gallery of community art, check out the site below:.

The Art of Community: A Postcard Project

Art from this collaborative community project will be exhibited online throughout the shelter-in-place, showcasing both a diversity of perspectives and the shared experiences that connect us. The postcards will then be displayed in the fall of 2020 at Art for the Journey’s 5th annual Art Exhibition & Celebration, as a symbol of the things that have brought us together to overcome isolation.