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We are delighted to be back in the AFJ Frable Art Studio, nestled on a beautiful portion of the gorgeous Independence Golf Club. Some people may not know that an art studio is here, but from this place, we are able to coordinate and plan specially designed art programs to people all around the Richmond area, and provide a special retreat for those that participate in our services, like veterans living with PTSD and children from the East End of Richmond with the partnership of the Youth Life Foundation.

AFJ is keeping social distancing and PPE available for any visitor. We are safety-focused and enthusiastic about having visitors like staff, volunteers and participants again. Golfers will spy the Art for the Journey volunteers driving cars down on the wide golf road with our heart logo to this very special place to plan and deliver art services designed to promote well-being for underserved adults and children.

"At Independence, we strive to be so much more than a golf club. We offer fun, entertainment and leisure for just about everyone."

Independence Golf Club is a beautiful golf community that is often open to the public, and we highly recommend participating in one of their many family and community-oriented programs!

From golf on the beautiful course, a new high ropes course, to weddings, wine, and a wide variety of golfing programs and coaching opportunities, Independence Golf Club is as community-oriented as it is visually astonishing. On their website, the Independence Golf Club announces that "At Independence, we strive to be so much more than a golf club. We offer fun, entertainment and leisure for just about everyone."

For five years, Art for the Journey has held meetings, conducted art classes, and deployed our programs from the Frable Art Studio on the North Campus of the Golf Club. To learn more about art classes, please contact, to learn more about volunteering for Art for the Journey programs contact Being back at work in the Frable Art Studio feels like being home again! This space is essential to the work we do, and we are so excited to dive back in and provide our safety-focused, COVID-adapted art programs. Art for the Journey is still connecting with our community partners, facilitating healing through art, and seeking to help our community members thrive in these difficult times. We are thankful for our partnership with Independence Golf Club and we look forward to continuing our work here from the beautiful studio on the golf course.