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Art for the Journey loves being a part of the dedicated family at Anna Julia Cooper School year round, even when a pandemic interrupts our normal programming. When schools first closed in March, our community didn’t skip a beat in helping us provide the students with creative outlets. With the eager support of generous donors and volunteers, we were able to deliver several rounds of art supplies and projects to the students, beginning the day after closures.

She couldn’t wait for art to start again in the fall.

During mandatory summer school, every student went home with art kits for their alternating week off, and many students proudly brought their salt dough sculptures or colorful banners back to school to show the staff. One student said he taught his little brother how to sculpt with salt dough, and another said she couldn’t wait for art to start again in the fall.

The good news is, we are ready to be back in the building soon with special distanced art classes for these amazing students!