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Art for the Journey is honored to be the recipient of general operational grant funding by the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts bolstering our capacity to continue bringing art programming for children, adults and seniors into 2024! This funding provides dynamic support for programs that build human connection, address mental health and well-being and focus on those in the margins of our Commonwealth.

Thank you VCA and NEA for believing in our work to promote positive mental health and well-being, community engagement, and the opportunities to benefit from creative expression to vulnerable populations throughout the Richmond region and across the Virginia. It is wonderful to know we have the support of the Commonwealth of Virginia!

Thank you VCA and NEA for believing in our work!

Programs for children, adults, veterans and seniors are made possible through grant funding and the support of individuals and corporations. With this support, and through the hearts and hands of volunteers, thousands of individuals are positively impacted throughout the year. Not only are the program recipients benefitting from making art, but also the volunteers who have the wonderful opportunity to see individuals regularly and become friends. Joy and well-being is scalable! With Art for the Journey programs joy and well-being grows beyond what we expect, and it is brilliant to witness!

At Art for the Journey, we are grateful to the legislators who believe that the arts impact our society in positive ways, so much so they endorse the funding through the VCA and the NEA. Thank you legislators for your service to the public, and for the wonderful reach to the work of this agency. From veterans who speak of peace and freedom from art-making, to children in schools who are supported with programming designed to encourage and educate, to seniors living with isolation finding joy in connection, all coming together through art makes a transformational difference in so many lives!

Thank you also to the team at the Virginia Commission for the Arts for the fantastic energy and diligence in supporting all of the arts in Virginia! We at Art for the Journey, the staff, volunteers, and program participants appreciate you and your work in supporting arts organizations throughout Virginia. Thank you so very much, we will steward these funds to many individuals brilliantly and colorfully into the coming year!