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The motto of TowneBank is - "Enriching Lives". Townebank is committed to serving the communities they live and work in, and on Friday, May 10th, these words rang beautifully and colorfully true! Matt Clarke, President TowneBank Chesterfield; Angie Collins, Senior Vice President; Betsy Lacey, Commercial Banking Officer, and Brenda Fulgham, long-time employee and AFJ volunteer joined Art for the Journey staff and volunteers to support children at the Youth Life Foundation's "Friday Fun-Day" program.

The art project was also a gift project idea for Mother's Day. The project - Colorful sun-catchers were created with colorful tissue shapes, dried flowers, embroidery rings, string and more. The middle school age children made decisions and placed the designs for these works of art and were assisted by the team of volunteers. One participant said she practices art because it gives her peace just by doing it.

This check represents the three year support for Volunteer coordination that was awarded to Art for the Journey by the Townebank Foundation

A very special moment occurred when TowneBank President Matt Clarke and team presented a super size check to Cindy Paullin, CEO; Jamie Wigginton, Director of Operations, and Lauren Paullin, Director of Youth programs. This check represents the three year support that was awarded to Art for the Journey by the Townebank Foundation. These funds are to be directed to support the Director of Volunteers.

Volunteers are truly the lifeblood of Art for the Journey's mission to transform lives through art and community. The small staff of AFJ is bolstered by the hearts and hands of hundreds of volunteers with wonderfully diverse backgrounds, all tapping into generosity and the idea to serve the community.

At Art for the Journey, we are honored to witness hundreds of people who serve, who donate, and who lead programming. This community bridging and building work is done with the underlying theme of kindness and generosity to others. Thank you to our community banking partner, for your community minded efforts and hands on customer support, and to the Townebank Foundation, for your commitment to serve the communities you work and live in, and to all the people who make possible the delivery and facilitation of well-being and community engagement through art.